Namola Support

Whether you are dropping your kids at school, driving a long distance, popping to the shop or going on a night out, you can stay protected at the click of a button anytime, anywhere with Namola Plus.

🚔 Benefits of Namola Plus:

  • Rapid response. With smart technology, Namola Plus sends a direct notification of your GPS coordinates to the closest Armed Response vehicle in your area, getting you help faster and removing the need to play broken telephone.
  • No need to answer your phone. Answering your phone in an emergency can be tricky, so if we can’t reach you we will send Armed Response to your GPS location.
  • Private Security anywhere. With Namola Plus you are not limited to getting help in your home. Namola Plus gets you help, anywhere, anytime.
  • Access to South Africa’s largest Armed Response network. Faster response times from vetted Armed Response organisations.

🚀 Get started by downloading or updating the FREE Namola app on your mobile phone using one of the app store links below. Then go to Profile > Shop in the app.


On a device with the latest version of Namola installed, you can use this link:
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