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πŸ—ΊπŸ“² With the Namola app, you can share your location with your trusted loved ones so they can watch out for you and make sure you're safe.

Simply open the Namola app, and tap the 'location pin' icon in the app's navigation to get started.

You can even set up Smart Alerts for the ultimate peace-of-mind, so that you'll get notified whenever your loved ones leave or arrive.

πŸ”’ We take your safety super seriously! Only contacts that you yourself have explicitly chosen to share location with can see your location through the Namola app. Nobody else ever has access to your location.

πŸš€ Get started by downloading or updating the FREE Namola app on your mobile phone using one of the app store links below.


On a device with the latest version of Namola installed, you can use this link:
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